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Sunday, June 23, 2013


Love Lissette Template 01 Avy
Love Lissette Template 01 Tag Love Lissette Template 01 Ban
 Hello Everyone!,

  Happy Monday! Welcome to Love Lissette! I created this blog(website) specifically for the goodies that I'll be offering. I'll still have my other blog up and running but I decided to leave it how it is and not add anything else to it. It's my baby and I want to maintain it that way. I will however add anything I've done on there. Any freebies or any of that sort related to psp will be added on here and will be available to download, read, etc. As you can tell if you, if you have visited before, I revampred the blog. I changed the layout and also hidden/deleted previous post's and downloads. To be honest I didn't like my previous templates and I had revamped them but never got to uploading the files before they where deleted from my computer. The links where no good ,so I decided to start fresh and I'm loving this template set. It's time for a goodie download. The first download is a template set that I created this weekend. I hope you all enjoy it and please comment if you downloaded or liked it. The file is password protected. In the file you will find a psd file, png file, preview, tou, blinkies for credit purposes, & thats about it. Below is a preview of the template and above is the set that I came up with by using my template set. If you liked it then please go ahead and download. First link is for 4shared and second one is for box. PW: LoveLissetteTemplates
Love Lissette Template 01 Preview

Credit://♥Tag #1-Sweet & Cute tube(162-2-PinUpToons) from PinUp Toons. Brushes(Variety) from Envy Kiss. Font(A&S Black Swan, 1 MrKleen DNA, & Backwards Pixelized) from dafont, 1001freefonts, & misstina. Template by yours truely, Lissette/Scieliss

Sprinkles & wrinkles mi gente!

-http://www.daisyevilprincess.com, Thank You DaisyEvilPrincess.com for my Sig tag Images

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